Fire Tag

Download Fire Tag materials here.

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I developed Fire Tag back when I worked for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. With this project, my goal was to create a fast, fun, and thought-provoking activity for the 2012 Santa Monica Mountains Science Festival. Being a product of the National Park Service, Fire Tag is firmly in the public domain.

The good news is that 100+ kids enjoyed Fire Tag at the 2012 Science Festival. The bad news is that after I left the NPS, Fire Tag got lost among the very many good ideas competing for very limited funds. This seemed a terrible shame, so I’ve updated the rules and materials, and made them freely available on our website and on Teachers Pay Teachers.

In 2016, I submitted Fire Tag to the International Festival of Independent Games, a.k.a. IndieCade. To my great surprise and joy, it was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2016 festival (pictures here). As an Official Selection, we were allotted a space in the festival, and in that time we shared the game with 100+ people both young and old!

As I expand the educational scope of Mindful Mammoth, I hope to begin using Fire Tag in some of our outreach programs with local groups. I also hope that other folks may find this game, and try it out with their students, kids, families, and friends. Maybe you will do this. I hope so!

Good luck!

Tim Handley 2016.12.04

Founder, Educator, and Game Designer @ Mindful Mammoth

P.S. If you do give this a try, please tell us how it went! We’re always happy to talk. You can email us at:

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