Our Mission

To promote the understanding and appreciation of science, nature, and life through play.

We make seriously fun games and puzzles for curious people of all ages. All of our products are carefully crafted from original, high-quality ideas, to simultaneously satisfy both your desire for fun and your innate curiosity about life and the universe. At the same time, all of our products are designed to be open and flexible, empowering players to explore many possible paths to success, and even to create new ones by adding your own cards, rules, and pieces.

Our Team

Tim Handley

Founder, Producer, Game Designer

Scientist, educator, gamer, and dreamer. Tim has degrees in both physics and ecology. He has worked as a member of technical staff at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and as an ecologist at the National Park Service. He now works as a combination educator and designer, developing activities and games to promote the understanding and appreciation of science, nature, and life through play.

Profile photo: Morgan Page: Expert gamer, geophysicist, and puzzleologist.

Morgan Page

Consulting Scientist and Puzzleologist

With a mind like a steel Rubik’s cube, Morgan is a professional geophysicist, avid gamer, and expert puzzleologist. If asked to be a friendly playtester, she will happily help you to disassemble your conceptual design, examine the component idealets, and then reassemble them into a stronger and more beautiful whole. If asked to teach, she will gladly share her knowledge, excitement, and creativity with all comers.

Profile Photo: Andrea Cao: Creative Consultant.

Andrea Cao

Media and Game Consultant

Andrea is a skillful graphic artist with experience in writing, directing, editing, and gamemaking. She is also a student in USC’s Interactive Media and Games program, where she is working to hone her skills in serious game design so as to help advance the fields of health and education. If you keep an eye out, you may see her travelling around LA on her skateboard – her preferred mode of transportation.